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I am a former leader of a Human Terrain Team in Iraq. My intent with this blog was to identify relevant, open-source materials on Iraqi culture, society, politics, religion and economics - just about anything on or about the Iraqi population in general.

I am continuing the blog now only sporadically, as a means of information distribution in support of efforts to improve a vital program hamstrung by failures in execution.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yet another assessment

This assessment was released last week by CSIS. Most of it is more geopolitical than anything else, making the case for the CF remaining in Iraq. But parts of it discuss the oft-cited improvement in tribal cooperation in the west (but with some actual numbers to back it up) and some of the emerging techniques and goals of JAM (along with the political response to JAM). The second half is a list of problems and challenges facing Iraq, but even those that are more Human Terrain-relevant are to abbreviated and shallow to be of any real utility.

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