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I am a former leader of a Human Terrain Team in Iraq. My intent with this blog was to identify relevant, open-source materials on Iraqi culture, society, politics, religion and economics - just about anything on or about the Iraqi population in general.

I am continuing the blog now only sporadically, as a means of information distribution in support of efforts to improve a vital program hamstrung by failures in execution.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ramadan Prisoner Release

Coalition forces announced this week that 50 prisoners a day will be released during Ramadan, which begins on 13 September. It's something we've done in previous years, and it's a common practice in the Muslim world. It happens in nations as varied as Egypt, Israel, Western Sahara, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Afghanistan, Yemen, Morocco, Indonesia, Iran and in certain US States (on HBO, at least).

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Mohamed Rali said...

Dude, Matt, I can't believe you listed Western Sahara as a different nation then Morocco, do you want to get every Moroccan on the net sending you hate mail?!?!